Geothermal Plant Report

Resuming my work on my presentation for my Master’s Degree, I struggled with one part of the report. Either I had to search for a new journal which pertains to the economics of a geothermal plant or dig more to the current journal I am reading. I tried the former but research, is like an ocean. Wide and deep. I’ve been lost a couple times and what I do was simply go back to the topic  I am researching, even if it means starting again. Starting again, after all, if taken positively, builds virtue, or even virtues.

Anyway, as expected, I came across several journals. Content wise, the current journal I am holding with presents more meat, it’s that I have difficulty organizing. So I tried sticking with the present journal- dig more to it and be patient.

Few minutes have passed, as I navigate from one thought to another, I thank the Lord for finally seeing the light that inspired me to write this. I even sing, to God be the glory.

Little did I know, I did fight for the present journal that I am holding. I give it another read, navigate it for another try and thank God, the thoughts became cohesive than before.  The fight is between me and my self- impatience, discouragement to name a few. But I realized, how could one develop patience without being placed in situations where the possibility of getting impatient is high.

May the Lord be blessed.


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