Rough Moments

Today was a rough one. Or rather rougher.

The derivations of formula is quite of a challenge.

Had to review Calculus. =/

I can go on and on mentioning how hard the day went but then there’s the do everything without grumbling (Philippians 2:14) verse.

You know, at times, it’s easy to be discouraged and get overwhelmed with the demands, it could be on your work, family or in my case, my Master’s degree and with my self.

But when one looks outside of himself and take notice of the people dear to him, there’s the energy to keep going even when most of the systems are low.

One opts to endure all things.

I was reminded to do all things out of love.

Love, in Biblical terms, is such a powerful driving force.

Love gives meaning to almost everything.

Love makes us selfless.

I am a fan of saints, especially the way they lived.

I have read some of their stories and one could sense that the Lord is indeed glorified by the way they lived their life with humility, surrender and obedience.

I’m a fan of their self-denial and how they overcome sin.

I’m a fan of how they responded to God’s call.

I’m a fan of how simply they love the Lord.

It seems to me that if one has to serve the Lord, one must know how to love.

After all, God is love.

Tonight was a tough one to me personally, especially to go unproductive for several days already.

Humbling on one end, fighting discouragement on the other.

A lot of thoughts would entered my mind, tendency to analyze things.

But St. Augustine once said:

“Therefore do not seek to understand in order to believe, but believe that thou mayest understand.”

Perhaps he is indeed right.

What is seeming impossible to men is still possible to God.

Anyways, earlier this week, I came across stories of saints.

It was striking to note how the Lord prepared them not for hours, days, weeks, months… but TWELVE YEARS and how they became effective pillars of the Church later as they fulfill their respective calling.

Glory to God.

I am in awe.

His ways are not my ways.

While today went on a depressing and discouraging note, it ends with glorifying the Lord.

Never shall He fail.

Him. His Words. His Promises.


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