Do you Answer Back?

May 30/ Saturday (Copied from Didache)

“I’m sorry, Bro. Jan. I wasn’t blessed by your talk. You still lack experience. You are still young. Your message lacked depth. Are you sure you’re ready to be a speaker?”

Thus said an attendee of our prayer meeting. For a moment, I wanted to answer back because I prepared and studied hard for my talk. Instead, I sighed deeply and promised the lady that I’d do better next time. I took it as a constructive criticism.

I thank God that I didn’t answer back because I realized that her question was not for me. That question was for Jesus. Why did He call me to serve Him at this young age? Deep in my heart, I know Jesus comforts me when others question my calling, or worse, when I question myself.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus didn’t answer the sarcastic questions of the chief priests. Instead, He answered them with a question and, thus, didn’t start a fight between them.

Friends, when you’re questioned, go to Jesus and bring the question to Him. Then be open and ready to hear His answer.

Reflection: Do you depend on your own understanding or on Jesus? Do you pray whenever you doubt yourself?

Lord, direct my path. Remind me of my worth, especially when I question myself. Amen.

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