Perspectives on Fear

We might avoid evil because of fear, but fear might also prevent us from doing good. –@CardinalChito

Violence is motivated by fear; individualism is a manifestation of fear. –@CardinalChito

When fear runs our lifestyle, it makes us numb. –@CardinalChito

One impulse of fear is self-preservation. When this becomes a lifestyle, fear is making us self-centered. –@CardinalChito

Jesus responds to fear simply by saying, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” –@CardinalChito

The more prayerful you are, the more sensitive you are to the needs of others. –@CardinalChito

When you’re convinced that Jesus is near, the problems remain but you’ll have more courage rather than paralyzing fear. –@CardinalChito

We can rest knowing that as we are tossed here and there, Someone sees us. Jesus is our compassionate brother. –@CardinalChito

We go beyond fear through faith. –@CardinalChito

The compassion of Jesus gathers people. Fear scatters people. –@CardinalChito

When a society is governed by fear, compassion disappears. –@CardinalChito

Instinctive compassion is prevented from blossoming because of our fear. –@CardinalChito

When we enter the heart of Jesus, miracles happen. The secret of Jesus is compassion. Have no fear. –@CardinalChito

With faith and compassion, we can go beyond fear. – @CardinalChito

Fear can lead to a denial of Jesus. But, the Risen Lord extended love, mercy, and compassion. –@CardinalChito

There is no room for fear if there is love. Love conquers fear.@CardinalChito

In the Bible, the opposite of fear is not courage… It is love! –@CardinalChito


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