The Ball and I

For me, Engineering mixes well with faith. Or engineering can be a way to strengthen one’s faith. It all started when I opened a book in Fluid Mechanics and see a picture similar to what is shown below. At first glance, what you see is what you get. A ball surrounded by a flowing fluid. But thanks be to God, looking to it on a deeper perspective yields something.

A fluid flowing (e.g. blowing air)  is like the problems of our life. The blow sometimes could be strong, just like our problems.

Now, imagine if we are standing in front of the ball. When the air blows stronger, who is hit first? It’s us.

Now if one will hide behind the ball, when the air blows stronger, the ball is hit and one can see that upon collision with the ball, the wind blows in different directions. The ball is like the Lord. 🙂

So when we are discouraged and overwhelmed with the trials life may bring, let’s ask ourselves: Where am I? Chances are, the answer is: we are in front of the ball instead of the ball being in front of us.


Image is taken here.


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