The Girl in the Scooter

Here’s one inspiring story.
While in the library (8th floor), I saw a lady riding a scooter. I thought she’s a staff. Later I realize that she’s a student.
Then I notice that she’s indeed crippled. The scooter was her tool of navigating the library.
Since the library is on the 6th floor, one option of getting there is elevator. So I am assuming that she used the elevator so her scooter can fit in. From time to time, a staff from the library would give her the books she need.
Honestly, it’s one moving scene and inspiring as well.
That despite her disability, it did not prevent her from pursuing her dreams in life.
It made me also realize that intelligence is not the ONLY factor.
We have legs that can walk to the library.
We have eyes that can read books.
We have hands that can help us write and take down notes.

It also helps to be sensitive at times.

The Lord could show us something that directly answers our concerns.

Like the scene in the library a while ago.

God bless. 🙂


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