Face your Monsters

By Bo Sanchez


Once upon a time, a family of frogs lived in a broken-down well.

They lived in isolation, content with their tiny puddle of water.  Sometimes, it got murky and crowded, but no frog dared to leave home.  Why?  Whenever someone would dare leave, everyone would warn him, “There are monsters outside!”

And so for many generations, these frogs were stuck in their little world.

Until one day, a little frog had a dream—to live outside the well.  In his mind, he saw a big pond of water.  Lots of open space.  The vision excited him so much.

He would tell his friends about his dream, but they would tell him: “We had a great-great-great grand uncle who went out and never returned!  He must have been gobbled up by the monsters!”

But the little frog didn’t see the monsters.

He only saw his dream of a big pond.

Finally, he made up his mind.  Without any warning, the little frog jumped as high as he could.  He landed on top of the well.  All his friends below shouted, “Come back!  You’ll be eaten alive!”  But the little frog hopped out.

And what he saw blew his mind.  Almost right beside the well wasn’t a big pond.  Instead, it was a giant lake—a million times bigger than their tiny puddle.

Friends, face your monsters.

Many of us are trapped in our little worlds because of fear.

God has bigger blessings in store for you outside your walls.

How did the frog jump out of the well?   Before he saw the lake with his eyes, he already saw the lake within him.  He felt it in his heart.

What you see with your heart today, you will see with your eyes tomorrow.


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