Rough Day! :D

It was a rough day- getting up late in the morning and further elaborating what happened will make it rougher, at least for my part. I wanted to stay up late and read the book about Drag and Lift forces but I recall my mom telling me not to stay late. I decided to obey and perhaps opt to maximize the day instead which seems to be a sort of 360 degree turn. I’m used to staying late during my undergrad days and to my master’s as well. But then, this could be a call to change and welcome this one with open arms- and adjustments. The Lord encourages His children to honor their parents. If I could not obey the one whom I can see, how could I obey the one I can’t see. Oh Lord, help me on this shift. 🙂

I was then reminded that the patron saint of the nearby parish, St. Isidore the Farmer would rise up early and go to church before going to work. 😀 oh Lord.. help me :))


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