A Key component of a PhD student


Good morning design nerds!

I recently got a question: “what do you think about me doing a PhD?”
Then, I reply them “how patient are you?”

You may think that all research students are genius-born, and this often known as the key component of doing a PhD. Yes, some research students are incredibly genius, and I categorise them as a “born-academic“. Unfortunately, I am not in that category, but I am doing a PhD.


I just sacrificed pretty much everything in my life – my favourite hobby was watching movies and animations, and I used to be a social butterfly.


I personally found that doing a PhD is necessary for my future plan and career. I probably did not even start a PhD, if I just want to add “Dr” in front of my name – if you are planning, please don’t.

I mean….the key component of doing a…

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