(C) Sabbath

The proclamation of the Kingdom of God and its action in human history was the central teaching of Jesus’ ministry. At His very first public appearance, Jesus declared, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand” (Matthew 3:2; Mark 1:15). People began expecting for the coming of that kingdom. They thought of it as a political kingdom, ruled by a political Messiah, who would liberate Israel from Roman occupation.

When they did not see and hear signs of that kingdom happening and coming to fruition, they became impatient and demanded from Jesus where and when they will see the fulfillment of that kingdom. But Jesus was talking about a different kind of kingdom — a Kingdom where God’s will and His precepts take first place in the hearts of men, a Kingdom that roots out the stronghold of sin in the heart and transforms men and women to become salt and light of the world, renewing the face of the earth. Like that of a seed, it grows imperceptibly in silence. That is why Jesus says the growth of the kingdom is “not something that can be observed nor a matter of pointing ‘it is here’ or ‘it is there’” (see verses 20-21).

Today, with evil happening all around us, it’s very easy to be discouraged and cynical. Is the Kingdom of God really present in the world? Is God really involved in history or has He abandoned it?

When a tree falls, everybody notices it, for it makes a loud noise. But hardly anyone pays attention to the countless trees in the same forest that grow, bear fruit and give life constantly, regularly, imperceptibly — in silence. Let us not be fooled and seduced by the noise that one falling tree creates, overshadowing the many others who continue to flourish in silence.

Good news never make the headlines, they say, because they don’t sell newspapers. Make no mistake about it, the Kingdom of God and its action is among us, accomplishing its purpose, in its own proper time, in its own gracious way. Fr. Joel Jason


REFLECTION QUESTION: Are you paying attention to the many imperceptible ways God is reaching out to you?

May I be ever attentive to You, O God, and the manifold ways You will reach out to me today. Amen.


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