Have you seen what you are looking for? 

(C) Sabbath
Question: Have you seen Stevie Wonder’s house?
         Answer: Neither has he. Stevie Wonder is blind.
       It is possible to have something right in front of you and still not be able to see it.
     There are only two occasions where the Gospels record Jesus weeping: at the death of his friend Lazarus (see John 11:35) and in today’s Gospel. Coming within sight of the city of Jerusalem, Jesus wept over it (v. 41).
       Today, Jesus beheld Jerusalem and wept over it. He wept for its failure to recognize the presence and see the manifestations of the Kingdom of God right in her midst. Jerusalem was waiting for the Messiah when, right in front of her, is the Kingdom of God personified in Jesus.
          I once saw a poster showing Superman on one side and Clark Kent on the other. At the bottom it read: “Many girls dream of meeting Superman but walk past Clark Kent every day.” We dream of God manifesting Himself to us in a Superman-kind-of-way, in the process missing the many Clark Kents He sends our way. The world waited for a Messiah, but all it got was a “baby.”
       What is my point? We ask for God’s blessings but oftentimes we want God to give it the way we want them, on our terms, on our conditions, on our calendar, according to our specifications.
       Remember the story of the village guy who lost his house in a fire and prayed to God for help? When an ax fell from heaven, he ranted at God saying, “Are you mocking me? I didn’t ask for an ax!” God replied saying, “I sent you an ax so you can begin cutting trees and build yourself a house.” God’s blessings don’t always come the way we want them packaged. There is no doubt about it. God will manifest His providence and power. We just have to trust and sharpen our eyes to recognize the many Clark Kents He sends our way. Fr. Joel Jason

REFLECTION QUESTION: Have you been impatient and discouraged lately? Might not really be a case of God being silent, but you being blind.

Open our eyes, Lord. We want to see Jesus. To reach out and touch Him. And say that we love Him. Amen


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