Reflections from St. Therese of Lisieux


In the second manuscript of her autobiography, St. Therese posed the question: “O Jesus, your little bird is happy to be weak and little. What would become of it if it were big?”

St. Therese knew that the eagles she spoke of were the great saints in Heaven. Our dear little bird, Therese, calls on the saints to help protect her from anything that might take away her littleness. St. Therese believed that while she was called to holiness, that God was going to lead her up the mountain of perfection by a different and simple way. So, she remained small and loved with the capacity God had given her- childlike trust.

Her little way is not about performing acts for the sake of recognition and glory; but rather that every action should be for the love of God. St. Therese preferred to live a secluded life doing simple duties all for the sake of His glory.


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