Catholic Resources

A list containing some Catholic resources in various forms (e.g. music, books, video, apps or sites) 


[1] Saints for Sinners by Alban Goodier, S.J. 

This book covers not only their past but the human element of the nine saints as well. Such mention of the human side of a saint, in a way- helps us to relate, be inspired and to hope that a dull pencil, when God holds it- can create masterpiece. The saints included in this book are St. Augustine, St. Margaret of Cortona, St. John of God, St. Francis Xavier, St. John of the Cross, St. Camillus, St. Cupertino, St. Colombiere and St. Benedict Joseph Labre. If my memory serves me right, this book allows me to connect to St. John of the Cross closer. A pdf copy of this book can be found in this link


[1] Verbum (iOS, Android, PC)


This app is like a book that houses several Catholic books- including the classic ones like Imitation of Christ, Introduction to Devout Life among others (some requires purchase). This also contains daily readings depicting several themes: Roman Martyrology, Catholic Daily Readings and Pictorial Lives of Saints. This app also features free book of the month which allows me to grow my Verbum library as seen in the image below.


Android Link

iOS Link

Web Link


Before listening, it is my hope that these songs will touch you. 🙂

[1] These Alone are Enough for Me


[2] Shepherd Me, Oh God


[3] Lord, I Need You (Cover)




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